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Mother of the Bride Outfits

Posted by: admin on June 30th, 2009


Posted: Mother of the Bride Outfits

mother of the brideYour daughter is getting married and like most Mothers you are in search of the perfect Mother of the Bride outfits.

Of course, you don’t want to steal the Brides thunder, but you do none-the-less want to look sensational on the big day. You know that the pictures taken will hang on walls for people to admire (and scrutinise as the case may be) for years to come. That being said it is important to ensure that your Mother of the Bride outfits something stylish, something classic, timeless.

Twenty years from now when your grandchildren look at their parents wedding photos you want their comments to be something like “Gee, wasn’t Grandma stylish, elegant, classy, attractive”.

Here are 4 tips to finding the best Mother of the Bride outfits.

1. What Style Do You Want

It is easiest if you first have in mind a pretty clear idea of what style you want to look for and what suits your figure?

Will you be looking for a skirt or trouser and jacket suit? A floor length dress? Customary for formal weddings. Tea length Mother of the Bride dresses? Popular for daytime or informal weddings. Do you prefer something shorter, something tailored or perhaps you prefer loose fitting? Do you want long sleeves, short sleeves or straps? Weather permitting of course!

Answering these questions will begin to create a picture in your mind of the perfect Mother of the Bride outfit for you.

2. What Color Will Best Suit You and the Occasion

Darker colors tend to be the trend for Mother of the Bride outfits. Maroon and Burgundy appear to be most popular, but what color suits your skintone and what will you feel comfortable in are important factors.

I have seen Mother of the Bride outfits in pale blues and greens that looked simply fetching. Of course, the Mother of the Bride cannot wear white! Red and black tend to be frowned upon as suitable colors for the Mother of the Bride to wear, although if you have your heart set on one of these colors and your daughter says fine, go for it! Something to keep in mind is that if the Groomsmen’s suits are black and you wear black too, the black tends to blend in as one fading you out and you do want to stand out don’t you? This goes for other colors too, so be sure to select a color at least a shade different from the rest of the wedding party.

3. Take Correct Measurements

Be sure you know your exact dress size and measurements. Have your measurements taken by a friend or professionally if necessary. Especially if you are making your purchase over the internet, which seems to be the more popular option these days, with so much variety to choose from and less possibility of ending up in the same outfit as one of the other guests. Oh dread to think! Wouldn’t that be a disaster!

4. Browse Wedding Photos Online

A simple search in Google for ‘wedding photos’ will return plenty of photos to browse and this is one of the best ways to stimulate the creative process. See what other Mothers have worn to get ideas for your own outfit.

You’re almost there! All that remains now is to start viewing what is available that matches the Mother of the Bride outfits you have in mind.

Take a look around the site as there are plenty of ideas, plus I have added some resources in the links area of this website to help with your search. Check them out and if you come across any useful websites that are not already added, please do let me know.

Best wishes and congratulations!

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