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Mother of the Groom Outfits

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Posted: Mother of the Groom Outfits

Finding the best Mother of the Groom outfits for your son’s wedding is priority and you will find something spectacular with just a little bit of hunting around. An important note to consider is that it is customary for the Mother of the Groom to check with the Mother of the Bride before purchasing her outfit. This is considered etiquette and it is advisable to do so, if for no other reason, but to keep the peace!

Same Color Mother of the Bride/Groom Outfits

At a recent wedding I attended the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom outfits were in the same color and they looked great. It had also been a great opportunity for the Mothers to get to know each other a little better. They had not met before and were in different countries, but chatted on the phone about what color would compliment the rest of the wedding party and after gaining consent from the Bride first, they went ahead and sought outfits of the same color.

You may not wish to wear the same color outfits, but do ring the Bride’s Mother up and have a chat about your wedding outfits, asking for her thoughts and ideas on it. Hopefully, you are going to have a long lasting relationship in the years to come and this is a good way to start the ball rolling especially if you have never met before.

Don’t Be Twins!

Other advantages of course are ensuring that the unlikely event of turning up in exactly the same outfit does not happen – that would be disaster wouldn’t it?

Agree on Length of Outfits

It also looks better if the Bride’s Mother and the Mother of the Groom outfits are the same length. This is not a rule set in stone, but it does look more symmetrical in the resulting photos.

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