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Mother of the Bride Outfits

Posted by: admin on June 30th, 2009


Posted: Mother of the Bride Outfits

mother of the brideYour daughter is getting married and like most Mothers you are in search of the perfect Mother of the Bride outfits.

Of course, you don’t want to steal the Brides thunder, but you do none-the-less want to look sensational on the big day. You know that the pictures taken will hang on walls for people to admire (and scrutinise as the case may be) for years to come. That being said it is important to ensure that your Mother of the Bride outfits something stylish, something classic, timeless.

Twenty years from now when your grandchildren look at their parents wedding photos you want their comments to be something like “Gee, wasn’t Grandma stylish, elegant, classy, attractive”.

Here are 4 tips to finding the best Mother of the Bride outfits.

1. What Style Do You Want

It is easiest if you first have in mind a pretty clear idea of what style you want to look for and what suits your figure?

Will you be looking for a skirt or trouser and jacket suit? A floor length dress? Customary for formal weddings. Tea length Mother of the Bride dresses? Popular for daytime or informal weddings. Do you prefer something shorter, something tailored or perhaps you prefer loose fitting? Do you want long sleeves, short sleeves or straps? Weather permitting of course!

Answering these questions will begin to create a picture in your mind of the perfect Mother of the Bride outfit for you.

2. What Color Will Best Suit You and the Occasion

Darker colors tend to be the trend for Mother of the Bride outfits. Maroon and Burgundy appear to be most popular, but what color suits your skintone and what will you feel comfortable in are important factors.

I have seen Mother of the Bride outfits in pale blues and greens that looked simply fetching. Of course, the Mother of the Bride cannot wear white! Red and black tend to be frowned upon as suitable colors for the Mother of the Bride to wear, although if you have your heart set on one of these colors and your daughter says fine, go for it! Something to keep in mind is that if the Groomsmen’s suits are black and you wear black too, the black tends to blend in as one fading you out and you do want to stand out don’t you? This goes for other colors too, so be sure to select a color at least a shade different from the rest of the wedding party.

3. Take Correct Measurements

Be sure you know your exact dress size and measurements. Have your measurements taken by a friend or professionally if necessary. Especially if you are making your purchase over the internet, which seems to be the more popular option these days, with so much variety to choose from and less possibility of ending up in the same outfit as one of the other guests. Oh dread to think! Wouldn’t that be a disaster!

4. Browse Wedding Photos Online

A simple search in Google for ‘wedding photos’ will return plenty of photos to browse and this is one of the best ways to stimulate the creative process. See what other Mothers have worn to get ideas for your own outfit.

You’re almost there! All that remains now is to start viewing what is available that matches the Mother of the Bride outfits you have in mind.

Take a look around the site as there are plenty of ideas, plus I have added some resources in the links area of this website to help with your search. Check them out and if you come across any useful websites that are not already added, please do let me know.

Best wishes and congratulations!

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Black and white weddings are a popular and attractive theme for wedding attire and finding Mother of the Bride outfits to suit are less daunting than you might at first think.

Take a look at these two stunning dresses I have found at Gray & Osbourn. Either will do nicely for a black and white themed wedding.

The first is this stylish dress and bolero set by Gina Bacconi. And don’t you just love that feathery fascinator? Elegant and very modern, this luxurious jersey dress in ivory, taupe and black with matching bolero jacket will be extremely comfortable to wear as well as looking good. And that feathery fascinator I am sure you will agree finishes off the look rather fancily, but I hope it doesn’t tickle, as that would annoy!

Gina Bacconi Colourblock Dress & Bolero £180

The second is a chiffon and jersey dress by Frank Lyman. It’s delicate femininity says glamour all the way, and it is just perfect for a black and white themed wedding outfit. Contrasting floaty chiffon overlaid ivory bodice with split angel sleeves and black jersey skirt. V-front and back neckline, it will be a real stunner. As Mother of the Bride dresses go this one is a real winner. It embodies elegance and femininity superbly. A hat or fascinator would add to it certainly, but it is perfect just the way it is too with no extras required.

   Frank Lyman Chiffon & Jersey Dress £170

These stunning wedding outfits and much more can be found online at Gray & Osbourn

Mother of the Bride Outfits: Bringing you great ideas and inspiration for your daughter’s wedding

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Depending on whether you are looking for Mother of the Bride outfits for a daytime or evening wedding can mean quite a difference to colour, style and type of fabric.

Take a look at these two beautiful outfits. Both highly fashionable and stylish, yet one must ask whether either of these sets of clothing are possibly a little too glitzy for your daughter’s wedding. The answer to that question, has to be one of personal style and taste.

As always, be advised to ask the Bride her thoughts on the matter, but as long as she has no objections and you are comfortable, something in these sorts of metallic fabrics will certainly make you look and feel gorgeous. A bit like a movie star perhaps? Far from being too glitzy, some would even say that this type of outfit adds that certain flourish of elegance. 

Recommended for an evening or formal wedding.

The first outfit is this gorgeous pink and gold bolero, bodice and skirt set in hammered shimmer-finish gold and fuchsia fabric. The bolero jacket has sequinned and beaded collar and cuffs, with three quarter sleeves and the sleeveless V-neck top is also sequinned and beaded with side gathers and side zip. It really is the perfect wedding outfit with matching stylish hat to finish it off fabulously. If you are aiming for classic elegance, this is one of the Mother of the Bride outfits that should be top of your list of choices.


The second outfit is a frosted-finish oyster dress and bolero set from Gray & Osbourn, which certainly has it all in the style and elegance departments as well as the price department, coming in with a total price of £283 for the whole outfit including the stunning hat. Another fabulous thing about this outfit is that the colour will go with just about anything. It is definitely one of my favourites.


Find these and other great Mother of the Bride outfits online at Gray & Osbourn

Mother of the Bride Outfits: Bringing you great ideas and inspiration for your daughter’s wedding

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Mother of the Bride Outfits: Winter and Spring Weddings

Posted by: admin on February 21st, 2012

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Posted: Mother of the Bride Outfits

If you are searching for Mother of the Bride outfits this month, it really is a winter wedding with this cold snap we have been having. Although, perhaps you are lucky enough to be zipping off to some gorgeous warm, tropical climate. Whatever the case, take a look at John Lewis’s winter wedding category to gain some ideas and inspiration on what to wear.

Naturally, you will want to go with long sleeves or winter and spring weddings, but I recommend a sleeveless or short sleeved dress or top with a long sleeved jacket, because with winter weddings you often find yourself indoors with central heating on and it can get very hot and stuffy, and outdoors or between venues you need something warmer.

Mother of the Bride outfits idea:

How about this elegantly tailored plum purple sleeveless shift dress by Hobs. The flattering pleat detail at the waist suggests an attractive hourglass figure, even if you don’t usually boast one and the mid length cut makes it perfect for wedding attire. Alone, this dress may not stand out, but it can be dressed up with accessories. It will show off a pendant nicely with that v-neck and you cound even add your own belt to give it a little more pizzaz.

Hobs Olivia Dress, Plum Purple £159

Finish off the outfit with this gorgeous Jacques Vert Shaped Hem Tailored Jacket in Fondant Pink, a delight for pink lovers. Notice how the ruching of the jacket compliments the pleating of the shift dress.

Jacques Vert Shaped Hem Tailored Jacket, Fondant Pink £159

Pink is not everyone’s cup of tea I do realise, so as an alternative, it would be equally stunning were you to substitute the pink jacket for another colour. Perhaps something in a shade of grey. A charcoal or light grey would go nicely with matching shoes in the jacket colour. Take a look at this silver grey jacket also by Jacques Vert. At first glance the neckline seems a little severe, but seeing it on the model in this picture gives a better impression of how nice it looks on. And that hat too will suit both styles.

Jacques Vert Silver Grey Jacket, slate £159

I prefer full length sleeves for winter weddings. Three quarter sleeves will go nicely too, but it might be a bit chilly.

Whichever jacket you choose, these Low Heel Pointed Court Shoes will finish off the ensemble beautifully.

L.K.Bennett Bury Low Heel Pointed Court Shoes, Grey £150


For these great ideas and more head over to the women’s clothing department at John Lewis

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Grey and Osbourne cater especially for Mother of the Bride outfits for stylish ladies in their fifties. As you will see from this gorgeous selection, they really do have it all when it comes to dresses, skirts, tops, hats or fascinators and matching bags.

My first choice is this stunning Gina Bacconi shimmery Mother of the Bride outfit. Both stylish and elegant, the lady who wears this to her daughter’s wedding will certainly turn heads. It says everything that needs to be said for this special occasion and the shimmery quality adds that extra finesse.

Even more fantastic, you can purchase the whole outfit in one place, including the highly fashionable hat that really does finish it off to perfection, wouldn’t you agree?


Skirt, top, hat and jacket are sold separately and will cost a total of £519. A reasonable price to pay for wedding outfits of this calibre.

The colour ice blue can go with any bridal party colours, which makes it a great choice and although some might consider the outfit a little pricey, the fact that it is in several parts does mean that it can be worn after the wedding together or as separates, creating many different styles.

I give this outfit a 5 star rating.

Maxi Dresses for Beach Weddings from Marks and Spencer

Posted by: admin on January 27th, 2012

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Beach weddings are all the rage these days and what better occasion to look forward to whilst in the deepest gloom of winter? Mother of the Bride outfits for beach weddings are far more casual than other affairs and lets not forget that this can greatly reduce the cost too.

Imagine sun kissed sand between your toes, a salty breeze upon your cheek and a lovely light maxi dress, cool and comfortable against your skin. Reminiscing…

Here are the two summer maxi dresses I like most from this seasons range, and you can head over to Marks and Spencer and see for yourself the lovely dresses on offer.


The first dress, and my preferred choice, is this lovely black and white, scoop neck palm print maxi dress.

It has been given a 5 star rating so far by customers who have already purchased and worn the dress. It is bold and you will certainly stand out beautifully in it. A closer look reveals that it has some lovely splashes of turquoise blue colour in it, which can be used advantageously by adding a nice linen jacket in the same or similar colour blue. Add a nice little jacket with three-quarter sleeves to keep you stylish by cool. The jacket can also lend a sense of formality and keep the chill off as these things often go on into the evening, which tends to be cooler, even at the beach.

The second dress is a colourful pure cotton halter neck maxi jersey dress. It has some nice colours in it to choose from when accessorizing. I’d like to see it dressed up with a nice cream coloured pashmina shawl or wrap, although any shades of purple or blue would go nicely too with it. I would definitely check this one out in person though, as the rating is only three and a half star and the reviews not all favourable. You will have to see for yourself.

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Occasion Wear Dresses from Marks and Spencer

Posted by: admin on January 23rd, 2012

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Posted: Mother of the Bride Outfits

I found these two lovely occasion wear dresses at Marks and Spencer. Both very luxurious style and fabric, plus very affordable coming in way under the £100 mark. As Mother of the Bride outfits both of these could do nicely especially if you are on a tight budget.

The first one is an Autograph jacquard floral dress and it is absolutely stunning. It is made from a luxurious gold mix fabric and has classic lines. Although it may be considered more suited to a younger woman, it will look every bit as elegant and stylish on a more mature woman too.

Beware, although the reviews on this dress are great, it turns out that many ladies have liked it so much that they have either bought it as bridesmaids dresses, a wedding guest dress or the actual wedding dress in several cases! So it is clearly suitable for weddings, but I’d say tread lightly with this one and if you are thinking of it for yourself, check what the Bride thinks first (or that she is not wearing it herself!).

The second one is a burnt orange Autograph one shoulder pleated satin dress. This very attractive dress, would look great on any younger Mum, but make sure to dress it up and accessorize for individuality or it could be considered a little too plain for such a splendid task as Mother of the Bride outfits. Then again, if this is your choice I would check with the Bride before purchasing incase she thinks it too sleek.

Just imagine this dress with a nice wide hat. I think that the hat is all that is missing to turn it into something spectacular. A wide belt could go nicely with this dress too. At £75 it is a real bargain.

You can find these two occasion dresses and possibly some new additions at the Marks and Spencer website.

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Petite Mother of the Bride dresses can be tough to find, especially in this day and age where being a plus size seems to be all the rage! What about those of us with a lovely petite figure? We can’t exactly go about wearing clothes for teenagers, can we?

I have found this lovely little dress in the M&S petites range, which would be a very suitable outfit for your daughter’s wedding.

This lovely blue petite cap sleeve contrast trim dress will go with most wedding theme colours. It’s a dress that can be done up with a hat and nice pair of shoes to look very elegant indeed and it would be well placed at both a casual or formal wedding.

It’s a steal at just £45.

Fosseparkfan says, “The lovely fabric and cut make it look a lot more expensive than it was.”

This is my wedding outfit pick from the range, but head over to Marks and Spencer to see the rest of their petite range for yourself.

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Elegant Maxi Dresses at Marks and Spencer

Posted by: admin on January 16th, 2012

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You can never go wrong with maxi dresses as Mother of the Bride outfits for weddings, they are comfortable, they are stylish and they look great.

Take a look at this lovely V-neck button back maxi dress. I know, it is rather pink, which could be considered a little too flashy for your daughter’s wedding, but it also comes in 3 other lovely colours, light magenta, midnight blue and my personal favourite, dark magenta.


Where possible it is advisable to take a look at what other buyers have had to say about a product and this particular dress already has 60 reviews from customers most of whom have given it a 5 star rating. You can’t ask for a better recommendation than that. Let’s take a look at what some of them have had to say about it.

Livery Liese from Andover, UK likes it so much she has purchased it in 3 different colour!

Other reviewers said of it: ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous shape and fit’, ‘fits exactly like it should’

Mrs Curvy says, “The quality of the dress and lining is superb and thick enough to hide all the bumps”

One reviewer does mention that it shows rather a lot of cleavage, so be aware of that if you would prefer something more modest, however, I’d say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Tastefully, of course.

An attractive necklace or pendant will look great with this neckline, or perhaps a string of pearls?

You can find a nice little jacket, perhaps a bolero, to compliment this dress and a hat would definitely go well with it too.

Is it original enough?

That is the big question and one of the things I love most about this dress. It has a classic design that never goes out of style and it is the perfect platform from which to let loose some of those creative juices by adding beading, embroidery, appliqué, fabric painting or any other ideas you may have, to turn it into a unique one of a kind outfit.

If you do not have either the talent, or inclination for such things, it will not be hard to find a dressmaker or designer who does. With the price at just £99 that hopefully (depending on your personal budget) leaves you with a bit extra to play with and here is a great opportunity to create something extra special for your daughter’s wedding.

This dress gets the thumbs up from me.

Head over to the Marks and Spencer website and see what possibilities for wedding outfits they have on offer this Spring.

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Mother of the Bride Outfits 2012

Posted by: admin on January 13th, 2012

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Happy New Year! And congratulations to all you proud Mother of the Bride’s to be out there. It’s going to be a great year, even if the question on many a tongue is, will it be the last year? The final year, end of the world!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I like to live every day as if it were my last anyway and therefore whatever may come at the end of the year I know I will have lived my life to the fullest, how about you? What amazing delights have you planned to brighten and shape your year?

With that in mind, let’s focus not on endings, but on new beginnings. The beginning of a new life together for your daughter and her husband, filled with joyful moments as well as the challenges we know will come. And let’s find the perfect Mother of the Bride outfits to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

This year on my Mother of the Bride outfits blog I am going to be taking a look at what styles are available at the different stores and discussing and offering ideas on how those might suit you.

Please write in and let me know how I am doing and if there is anything else you might like to find here. Send in a photo of your Mother of the Bride outfit along with your story to share with other readers who will benefit from your experience.

Most of all, have a fabulous year! And whether you are looking for Mother of the Bride dresses or suits for a beach wedding, garden wedding, formal wedding or other, I am here to help you find it.

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