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Depending on whether you are looking for Mother of the Bride outfits for a daytime or evening wedding can mean quite a difference to colour, style and type of fabric.

Take a look at these two beautiful outfits. Both highly fashionable and stylish, yet one must ask whether either of these sets of clothing are possibly a little too glitzy for your daughter’s wedding. The answer to that question, has to be one of personal style and taste.

As always, be advised to ask the Bride her thoughts on the matter, but as long as she has no objections and you are comfortable, something in these sorts of metallic fabrics will certainly make you look and feel gorgeous. A bit like a movie star perhaps? Far from being too glitzy, some would even say that this type of outfit adds that certain flourish of elegance. 

Recommended for an evening or formal wedding.

The first outfit is this gorgeous pink and gold bolero, bodice and skirt set in hammered shimmer-finish gold and fuchsia fabric. The bolero jacket has sequinned and beaded collar and cuffs, with three quarter sleeves and the sleeveless V-neck top is also sequinned and beaded with side gathers and side zip. It really is the perfect wedding outfit with matching stylish hat to finish it off fabulously. If you are aiming for classic elegance, this is one of the Mother of the Bride outfits that should be top of your list of choices.


The second outfit is a frosted-finish oyster dress and bolero set from Gray & Osbourn, which certainly has it all in the style and elegance departments as well as the price department, coming in with a total price of £283 for the whole outfit including the stunning hat. Another fabulous thing about this outfit is that the colour will go with just about anything. It is definitely one of my favourites.


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