Mother of the Bride Outfits

Affordable Mother of the Bride Dresses under £100

Posted by: admin on November 2nd, 2011

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Posted: Mother of the Bride Dresses

Searching for affordable Mother of the Bride dresses? Where better to start than Britain’s favourite high street store Marks and Spencer. Whether you are looking for long dresses, knee length or tea length dresses M&S has a wide variety to choose from in a wonderful selection of different fabrics from print to sheer and even velvet. It’s actually quite inspiring to see what one can get for under £100 and with the right shoes purse and accessories you can look fantastic without breaking the bank. It’s so easy as you can find everything you like online and then simply pop down to your local high street store to try it on and make your purchase, or have it home delivered if that suits you better. There is also a wonderful range of hats, shoes and accessories to compliment the Mother of the Bride dresses. You simply can’t go wrong with this very easy and affordable option.

These are a couple of the beautiful dresses you can find at Marks and Spencer



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Mother of the Bride Dresses

Posted by: admin on August 10th, 2009


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Congratulations! Your daughter is getting married. Finding Mother of the Bride dresses is easy when you are in the right mood and here are my top tips for getting into the right mood:

Here Are My 3 Top Tips

1. Get Measured Up Right Away!

You want to look great at your daughters wedding. Just think of all those pictures and all the people who will see them. By getting measured up early, it gives you time to lose weight if you decide you would prefer to be a size or two smaller by the wedding day.

Remember not to stress about losing huge amounts of weight though, you want to enjoy yourself, not turn your search for Mother of the Bride dresses into some sort of dieting mania guaranteed to end in tears!

2. Purchase Your Mother of the Bride Dress Early

Waiting around could cost you your dream dress being either out of stock or sold out completely.

When you order early there is time to order the exact color or style Mother of the Bride dresses you want without disappointment. Plus, you can then sit back at least comforted in the thought that this one item on your list is taken care of.

3. Confirm the Color of your Mother of the Bride Dresses before Purchasing

Perhaps your daughter has a set color in mind that she wishes your dress to be, this can often be the easy option, but if she says for you to choose, get a look at the Bridesmaids outfits beforehand. It is great if you can have a swatch of fabric, but alternatively a photo will do as long as it depicts the color accurately. Take this swatch or photo with you when you go shopping for your Mother of the Bride outfits.

If you feel unsure as to whether the color you have chosen will compliment the Bridesmaids dresses ask a shop assistant for advice, they will be only too pleased to assist you.

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