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Posted: Mother of the Bride Shoes

Your search for Mother of the Bride shoes has begun and let’s face it there is some gorgeous footwear out there, but you must be certain of one thing and this must come ahead of everything else. Do yourself a favour and find comfortable shoes. This is an absolute must. If you intend on enjoying your daughter’s wedding occasion to the fullest, be sure to rank comfortability high when shopping for your Mother of the Bride outfits.

Here are my top 3 tips for buying Mother of the Bride shoes:

1. Know your size

This may seem like a give in, but it may surprise you to know how many of us women squeeze our poor feet into the most unusual and uncomfortable of shoes. For the sake of fashion you may say? Perhaps, if you don’t have a lot of standing or running around to do you may forsake comfortability for fashion, but this is your daughter’s wedding, plan to be rushed off your feet!

2. Choose a familiar sized heel

Because the role of the Bride’s Mother is usually such an active part in more ways than one, a familiar heel size will safeguard against trip ups!

3. Comfortability, comfortability, comfortability

Oh! Did I say that already? I can’t stress enough how important this is. You will enjoy your evening far more without the agony of aching feet. You may even get the chance to dance the night away. Spend what you need to for a good pair of shoes that fit ‘like a glove’. You won’t regret it! And what’s more shoes are something that can be worn again for years to come, so increasing your shoe budget may turn out to be one of the best investments of all.

Who says you can’t match comfortability with affordability when buying shoes? I have often been surprised at the fantastic bargains I have found on shoe racks. Price is not a guarantee of quality. Trust your feet. If you try on a pair of heels or flats that don’t instantly meet with your feet’s approval, move along. It doesn’t matter that they look great. Trust me there are a lot of shops out there and you will find another pair that look just as fantastic, but feel great too. You want your shoes to fit like Cinderella slippers and if they do, you know you’ve found your pair.

I recommend a medium heel or court shoe for most ladies, but if you are a regular high heel wearer and feel comfortable in them, go for it.

Take a look at my list of Mother of the Bride shops to get started. Happy shoe shopping.

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